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Car Wash Services 

We guarantee you the best car wash experience, exceptional service by our professional, attentive Customer Service Advisors, and hyper-clean facilities. Find your nearest location below for service offerings and pricing.

Car Wash

12 self-serve bays
10 features
FREE Vacuums


1-100ft bay
10 features
FREE Vacuums

Fits 2 RVs at a time

Complete Your Clean

Add INTERIOR CLEAN to your wash at select locations.


- A stronger chemical to remove gunk and any other material off your car
- Start with this before anything else!


- High Pressure. Advanced formula removes any deep-seated dirt without damaging the car


- High Pressure water will take all the soap, which will leave the car cleaner than ever

Foam Brush

- Simply foamy soap
- Use to remove any surface dirt, film, grit and debris.

Triple Foam

- Contains 3 different detergents: Clear-Coat Polish, UV protection and Soap

Tire Cleaner

- To remove brake dust (black powder) off tires


- removes bugs, tar, tree sap, and road grime from your car's finish and restores a deep gloss shine

High-Pressure Wax

- Helps maintain the clear coat on your car

Clear-Coat Wax

- Type of wax shield coat that is low-pressure. Protects car from UV rays of the sun, moisture and oxidation. Better than normal wax!


- Light pressure Water that will remove hard spots and help your car dry faster - Apply at the end of wash.


- High pressure vacuum to keep your interior clean

Tunnel Express

Our 120ft tunnel is built to maintain your car’s life. The most advanced tunnel of its kind.

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Club Nolan

At Nolan Hill we are committed to providing our members with value. Introducing “Club Nolan”, our unlimited car wash membership.

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